Once more the London Classic Car Show at ExCeL proved successful on so many levels.
For the Club we recruited 10 new members; for the organisers the attendance certainly felt large and up on last year; for our brave members who exhibited their vehicles, the weather was almost warm and balmy (feeling more like late spring than the back end of winter); and for our cars - a huge and deserved amount of attention from everyone.
Set up is on Wednesday with a limited amount of time available on Thursday before the opening at 4.30pm to the press and big wigs. I have to congratulate the organisers (Brand Events and, in particular the Club co-ordinator, Debs Brereton, for a superb job making our life plan sailing and stress free. Also on that score, a big thank you to the traffic and security staff at ExCeL - friendly helpful people, such a far cry from our experience at Event City in Manchester and the now doomed show there.
Our 50th year was always going to attract attention - our vehicles are iconic - and so it proved at the nearest event to the actual anniversary (5th February) staged from the 14th to 17th February.
We had three stunning examples on the stand (as you can see from the photos). Terry Haynes 1300L in Silver Fox epitomised what the 1969 potential buyer would see in the showroom back at launch whilst the other two satisfied the aspirations of later buyers wanting more luxury, more power and more sporty style. Vince Judge's 3000 GXL in Sapphire Blue was the ultimate, top of the range, "standard" vehicle with Wayne Jeff's Daytona Yellow RS3100 meeting the needs of the sporty race enthusiasts.
Thanks to all the owners along with Alan Lowe, Jeff Cohen, Keith & Anne Robertson and Doreen Wright who all contributed greatly to the organisation and logistics pre, during and post show.
Also on show, on Grand Avenue, was Club member Jayesh Tailor's Vista Orange Special - so the public were not only treated to a static display but a moving one too!
Would we do it again? Well we've been invited to and have tentatively said "yes". Would you like to see your car there? If so, get in touch with the Club.

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