Since setting this website up in early 2006 "The List" page has perhaps created the greatest interest.  Many people have been surprised to see their car - or one they have owned - featured in "The List" and most people have expressed their pleasure at seeing a picture of a vehicle that clearly gave them great joy of ownership in the past.

Sadly, many more people have been disappointed to be unable to see the registration, let alone a photograph, of their former pride and joy.  All ask the question as to whether their old car still exists.  The answer - almost always - has to be that the club do not know.  Whilst the DVLA at their website provide a tool to check whether a car is currently taxed (or has a tax liability) if you enter its registration number and make, this does not provide the definitive answer as to whether that car in reality still exists.  Most of us, when we scrap a car, do not send in the paperwork to register the fact and therefore the DVLA cannot tell whether a vehicle is gathering dust in a watertight wooded barn waiting to be "discovered" or whether it long ago was crushed into a small metal cube to be melted down and form something else.

Given the level of interest, and using any excuse to wallow in nostalgia we are creating this new area of the website where people's past cars can be listed - hopefully along with a photograph - for the rest of us Mk1 nuts to enjoy.  These will be cars that we either do not know exist today or definitely know have been scrapped.

Please feel free to e-mail in any of your old Mk1 capri registrations along with a photograph and brief history.

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