This vista orange special is one of five cars rotting away in a farmers field in deepest Somerset.

Another view of the vista orange special. Minus wheel and its vinyl roof.

Another car in the Somerset ``graveyard``.

Somerset again - but this car did yield some useful spares.

This one has to be the most unusual tractor wheel support. Again Somerset.

Yes they really are tractor wheels - and weigh a ton!

The undergrowth seems to be coming through the wings on this final car in Somerset.

To Hertfordshire - and I have to confess this is one of my spares vehicles!

Herts again and the second of my spares cars. It really was too far gone to save - honest.

Took me half an hour to uncover the car from the under and over growth and salvage a gear stick for a club member.

Supplied by the Capri Mk2 Register, this picture shows a Special that's seen better days.

Not looking too Special today.

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