Capri II Register - Catering for Capri Mk2 enthusiasts worldwide.

Capri Switzerland

Duchy Capri Club - A club based in the Duchy of Cornwall for the Ford Capri enthusiast and owner.

Ford Capri Appreciation Society - A superb pool of Ford Capri pictures from concours to rust heap, Mk1 to Mk3.

Capri Power - The top forum for Ford Capri owners and enthusiasts.

Capri Club Ireland - Active and friendly Capri club covering all marques based in the Republic.

Isle of Wight Classic Ford Club - Catering for all rear wheel drive classic Fords on the Isle of Wight.

Octane Magazine - Lists our Club so it must be good!


Permabag - a winter storage system to protect your car and ensure its ready to use immediately come the spring.

Sun Leisure Limited - suppliers of heavy duty gazebos and other outdoor products.

AutoProducts - Always at your service.  Providing a bespoke range of protective covers for both interior and exterior applications.

Restore-a-Ford - A Sussex based independent vehicle restoration company specialising in classic Ford cars.