About the club

The Capri Mk1 Owners Club was founded in 2008.  It has a wealth of knowledge, know-how and information available to Mk1 owners provided by personnel who have owned, researched and restored vehicles since the marque's introduction in 1969.

Vehicles catered for

Although Ford produced a coupe variant of their early 1960s Classic which carried the Capri name, it is generally accepted that the Ford Capri Mk1 is the car which was the European answer to the American Mustang and sold from February 1969 until early 1974 - the car having undergone a facelift in September 1972.

Despite more than a million Mk1s being produced and sold worldwide over five years, today just a few thousand exist and of those, only a few hundred are in good, serviceable condition.

Due to the relative scarcity of cars left and the time elapsed since production ceased, spare parts have become hard to find and in some cases, impossible to source.

The Owners Club brings together like minded admirers of the model who can both assist each other with finding the spare parts needed to keep vehicles running and also provide invaluable experience having "overcome that problem in the past".

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The cost of membership is just £18 per year for UK residents, which includes a quarterly full colour magazine.