A successful "return" for our Club after missing out in 2017. Set up day went relatively smoothly and having the carpet (in an uncommon shade) already laid for us when we arrived, made finding our plot and setting up so much easier.
The show days appeared to be as busy as normal, if anything though, Friday "press day" seemed even busier than the weekend. Certainly we saw a lot of interest on the Friday.
Our cars were a Blue Mink 1300L; a Light Orchid 1600GT XLR; and a Sebring Red 3000GT. My thanks respectively to Fee, Mike and Glenn for providing their cars.
As anticipated, with the 50th anniversary approaching in 2019, our commemorative calendars totally sold out. Apologies to those who missed out, but you had been warned.
Thank you to the team for their time and efforts on behalf of the Club - that was , Alan, Anne, Doreen, Jeff and Keith. Without your work such shows would not be possible.
Finally, here are a few images from the show.

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