The Bank holiday weekend saw the usual staging of the huge Knebworth Classic Car Show.  As a Club we don't set up a unique stand but instead join up with local Mk2 and Mk3 owners to set up a joint stand.  This time around we titled ourselves "Home Counties Capris" and we had a superb display of 14 cars - 4 Mk1s, 4 Mk2s and 6 Mk3s.  In addition to our cars another Club member was in the private exhibitors area with his black 3000 GXL which he's looking to sell and there were 4 more Mk3s and a Mk2 dotted around the show ground.

A number of Ford clubs had stands but none larger than the Granadas with around 100 vehicles of all descriptions and models.  This year they celebrate 50 years of the marque and so a umber of clubs had combined to provide such a large and varied display.