A new adventure for our Club and what a hectic time we had.
We arrived and set-up on Wednesday afternoon (14th) with the show scheduled to start at 4.00pm on Thursday - opening with a Press & Preview Evening.
Our prayers were answered and we had a relatively dry and hassle free journey to this East London venue. Getting in too was relatively easy and, despite arriving earlier than their scheduled slot, the traffic and show team allotted our cars into the hall. Just as well too as a couple of hours later saw some rain arrive.
We displayed three cars: Dave Eady's Prairie Yellow V8 Perana; Tim Davis's Sebring Red Facelift 1600GT; and Jeff Cohen's Pacific Blue 1600GT XLR.
The event was in its fourth year and saw an expanded entry of 24 car clubs in addition to lots of very high end dealer owned vehicles. I think you'd be hard pressed to see so many Ferarris; Lamborghinis; Aston Martins; Porsches and the like in one place. There was one very special Mk1 in with the high end marques - a racing example. We certainly were the poor relations though, rubbing shoulders with the elite.
That said, we got plenty of attention as many visitors expressed their pleasure at seeing examples of cars they remembered from back in the day.
It also proved to be a huge success for us, recruitment wise, with 17 new additions to our ranks.
Main feature of the show was the Grand Avenue parade where, several times a day, visitors got to witness classics and race cars under their own power.
My thanks to the team running the stand and setting up/breaking down (Anne, Doreen, Alan, Jeff and Keith) and in addition to Dave and Tim for providing their superb cars for us to display - they certainly grabbed more than their fair share of interest over the four days of the event. Thanks also to Brand Events and Melissa (Club Co-ordinator) for inviting us to put on a stand. We must wait and see if it's a one off or if we'll be invited back in 2019 - our 50th anniversary year. It'd certainly be nice to celebrate our car's launch (February 1969) in our traditional homeland (East London/Essex).

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