Strange that, within a summer which has been tremendously hot and very dry, the day of our annual get together managed to deliver some rain!  It was though a blessing that the day was a little overcast and therefore only in the mid 20s instead of high 20s or 30s.  The rain came in one short shower over the lunch period so most of us only noticed because the cars were wet!

Turnout was slightly down on last year at around 29 Mk1s.  These were added to by our local friends with Mk2s and Mk3s.  Despite less vehicles there were plenty of new attendees for us diehards to drool over.  Not least, the trio of three litres from the west London area in striking LeMans Green, Sunset Red and Sebring Red respectively.  All now enrolled in the Club – welcome gentlemen, great to have you onboard.

We had a “celebrity” return.  Well, a car owned by a former Club member that sold via a televised “Bangers & Cash” auction to its new owner who decided to join the Club.

The images show all the cars on display.  Once again, we were situated in front of the vintage aircraft hangers.  A brass band were due to be positioned next to us but the threat of rain forced the to decamp to the dry safety of one of the hangers.  I would say a blessing in disguise but, to be fair, they didn’t sound too bad!