With virtually no major events in 2020 and lockdown extending well into spring 2021, it was great to get out and about in a classic car – albeit that the weather nearly ruined things.  Heavy rain all day Friday across the country made for difficult travelling conditions but, mercifully, Saturday turned out fine and dry.

The Pure Ford Rally at Castle Combe has replaced the general springtime classic event the Club has attended since 2009.  As Blue Oval lovers, of course its great to have a show dedicated to the marque however, perhaps a sign that we (and our vehicles) are getting older, is that we are now amongst the oldest attending the event.  The vast majority are the modern Focus RSs and Fiesta STs.  Of course, all their owners love and cherish their vehicles but it would be nice to see a few more of the older school cars.

Seven Club cars attended the event – although only six were on the stand.  We even found one Club members car along with an “unknown” in the visitors car park.  Four took to the track for the 11am slow parade – an opportunity to do 3 laps at 30-40mph behind a pace vehicle and to be photographed.  This always makes a nice souvenir of the day and how often do you get the opportunity of being photographed driving your car let alone doing it on a race circuit!