The Club's efforts in this 50th celebratory year were largely directed towards this event which the organisers (St Francis Hospice) had invited the Club to provide the central theme of.
Over the months leading up to the show it "mushroomed" somewhat with Daren (who works for Fords and owns a Mk3) getting involved along with Steve Saxty (who used to work for Fords and has recently published two books charting - amongst other models - the design and development of the Capri). So what was going to be a "National Day" display of (we hoped) fifty Mk1s turned into a "parade" of around 220 Capris from early Mk1 to final Mk3s.
As fraught as set-up Saturday and then "arrival" Sunday was for those of us organising, I'm happy to say we pulled off one of the great events of the year and helped raise record amounts (of the order of £35,000) for the St Francis Hospice charity - so win-win!
The pictures give you a general feel for the event. There were far too many Mk1s on show to all feature so a taste showing some that do not regularly feature on this site.

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