Finally, as August is nearly through, many of us were able to get out in our cars and mingle - albeit at a safe distance - and chat at an outdoor classic car event.
Congratulations and thanks to both the venue hosts (the British Motor Museum) and the principal show organisers (The Y & C Register).  I think everyone present was truly delighted to get a chance to get out with their classic car and drive to a location and meet up with so many like-minded friends.
From a Capri Mk1 point of view, there were 20 cars in attendance - most of which were members of our Club.

Across the whole show ground, Capris dominated with many Mk3s and even quite a number of the rare to see Mk2s.  There were a few "regulars" missing.  A number of the commercial vehicles were not in attendance - all though there were several fine examples on display.  Also clearly thin on the ground were the early Fords - perhaps only to be expected as - like our own marque - they tend to be owned and driven by the generation who had them as "first cars".  Nonetheless, there were plenty of superb cars on display and it felt like a huge relief to finally get out and about in a classic.