This is Meyrick’s 1970 Capri 1600 5 speed.

The car was originally a white 1300 model.  He has owned the car since 2018 - it was totally original when he bought it although in a very poor state of repair having stood for 18 years in a very leaky shed!

Meyrick initially bought the car for spares but decided to restore the car and save another Capri from destruction.  He used Mk 3 Capri mechanics to rebuild the car - i.e. engine; gearbox; axle; brakes; steering; suspension; and fitted the twin headlight setup from the Mk3 and a new bonnet with the full length power bulge.

The restoration took him about 18 months and is now on the road, drives superbly, and looks great.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself