As a teenager, owner Tim had four different Mark 1 Capris.  From a 1300XL, he moved onto a couple of 1600GTXLRs and finally a 3000GTXLR.  These have all long since rusted away and are no longer on the road.  After helping his son locate and purchase an early MGBGT, he decided to look for another Capri, something that he could do a little work on and enjoy once retired.

Having looked at a few Capris he ended up buying, what the family call “Zippy”.  A 1973 facelift 1600GT.  Zippy was shipped down from Scotland to their home in north east Essex.  A detailed inspection showed that whilst all the trim etc was present and in good shape, the body was not.  It took almost two and a half years to bring it up to the current condition, and a lot of money too – but it’s a Capri saved from the scrapheap.

Retirement hasn’t happened so Zippy has only been to three shows since 2016 - a local village ‘do’; the London Classic Car Show on the Club stand in 2018; and more recently the 50th birthday celebrations in Warley.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself