For Ken & Rita their car story began back in August 1995 when Ken decided to relive the late 1970s when he and then wife to be Rita had a Blue G reg. Mk1.  TVF came from Red Lodge in Suffolk where she was bought for £230 as an MOT failure.  Ken wasn’t keen on the Light Blue colour (which is predominant inside as well as out) and the car needed a fair bit doing to it but he didn’t want to see it scrapped.  21 years later, as he reached 60, he decide it was time to start the project!  After the usual endless list of panel repairs and replacements along with various mechanical and trim parts the car past an MOT and returned to the road in September 2017.  With just 81,000 miles on the clock its mileage was relatively low.  Originally it had standard wheels but Rita’s 60th birthday present to Ken was to have their original Mk1s Rostyles refurbed and fitted.  During that winter the original gearbox was replaced with a 5 speed which has made the car much more practical to drive in modern traffic.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself