Glenn had looked for a Sebring Red 3000GT for some time, as a replacement for a car he’d owned back in the 1980s (NOO101M).  He came across PAE 444M in Bristol in 2016, owned by a guy called Andy, who’d had her since 1994  He’d used the car for a year then laid it up.

Although the car had been Ziebart treated and Waxoyled, it was rotting in all the familiar places.  Nevertheless he bought her – that was back in October 2016.

By January 2017 she had been stripped down to a bare shell and taken to a body specialist who stripped her back to bare metal and cut out and replaced anything that even looked like rust.  New metal was used as opposed to new panels.  It’s a testament to the old Waxoyl she is still wearing 90% of her original steel.  The body was epoxy primed at all stages until ready for priming and painting.  Simultaneously, all the running gear and mechanicals were overhauled and rebuilt. The loom has also been refurbed and the vinyl roof replaced.

Glenn has confirmed with the original owner the specification of the car when purchased new in September 1973.  This included the option extra of twin headlights.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself