Club Secretary Kevin's classic car addiction started in June 1998 when he paid £2,000 for Sapphire Blue 3000E OOO677K.  Having owned and run a Mk1 Capri back in 1981 - albeit a humble Daytona Yellow 1600L - he was tempted after seeing the TV documentary "The Car is the Star".  Quentin Willson proclaimed that, after many years in the wilderness, Capris had reached classic car status.  It wasn't so much that statement as seeing the beautiful lines once more coupled with having some disposable income.  A trip to W H Smith to pick up the latest edition of "Classics" magazine revealed two 3000E for sale.  The Sapphire Blue one appealed most due to its colour and - strangely - its ending part of its registration (his first car also ended 77K).  Now everyone comments on the "OOO" part - a block of numbers issued in Essex and all taken up by the Ford Motor Company, back in 1971 based at Warley in the county.  Kevin is the ninth owner but its existence today is largely due to its third owner who cherished it and only used it as a "Sunday best" vehicles for approaching 20 years from the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s.  As of 2020 the car has still only covered a little over 47,000 miles.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself