Jeff, from the Northeast, purchased the car from an advert on this website in late 2008 from a gentleman who had owned the car for 28 years. He had done an excellent job of making the car concours but unfortunately another Capri hit the rear end on the way to a show. The car was repaired with all new panels and then put away. Over time the repair micro blistered and although from a distance the car looked fantastic, close up revealed another re-spray was required. This was one of the reasons he decided to sell the car. Jeff bought the car and took it to a trusted body shop and told them to fix it. The next time he went to see the car it had been stripped to bare metal and the comment from the body shop was, "this makes me feel young again".

When the car had been made concours it had lost its vinyl roof and some other minor detailing.  Jeff has replaced these so the car now looks more or less as it did when it left Ford.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself