This is Chris’s 1969 Pre-facelift 2000 GTXL with original V4 engine.

Chris’s love of Capris started back in the early 1970s.

Many years later he spotted a Capri for sale in his local free add paper.  She was dark green with beige interior - a 2000 GTXL an early 1969 car, the year they went on sale.  He soon found out the original colour was Blue Mink by the badly painted inside of the doors.  Under the boot carpet was the original Blue Mink.  Confirmation was the plate under the driver’s seat, (a type of chassis plate) which is still there today, which states, Blue Mink.

The car was owned by a South African who brought the car back into this country in 1979 and gave it to his son.  Unfortunately Chris lost contact with the original owners.  He wanted to find out more, because South Africa didn’t do a Capri with a 2000 V4 and all the lights, trim, etc was made in England.  He applied for a year related /original registration from the DVLA but he still has the original South African log book.

He’s owned her for over 32years now (2020) but the restoration and return to the road in pristine perfect condition has only happened over the last couple of years due to the usual family matters, house moves and so forth.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself