Lawrence has owned his Mk1 Capri since April 2012.  He rescued it from a lock up garage where it had been stored for over 25 years.  A three piece suite plus various other items of rubbish which were placed on top of the car had to be removed before the car could be got out!

The restoration involved a complete re-build from bare body shell upwards.  He started it in March 2013 and it took until April 2018 to finish it (during this time though he took 'time off' to move house; be diagnosed with - and fight – cancer; and undertake a course of chemotherapy).

HE would probably never have attempted such a large restoration project had it been any other Capri, but, he knew the history of the car, having sprayed it more than 30 years previously for another owner and he could see the potential in her.

Parts had to be sourced from elsewhere, as the owner had thrown all the parts away - only the car frame remained!

“Clara” was MOT’d on the 11 May 2018 and he was delighted that she passed first time!

He’s attended many car shows since putting “Clara” back on the road and wherever she goes she certainly draws an appreciative crowd.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself