Although it's a colour that ran through the Capri Mk1 production time, you don't too often see a facelift car in evergreen these days. Henry from the Upminster area of Essex has owned his since around 2005. It returned to the road in 2010 in its original glory though. When he bought it it was bright red with all the boy racer extras including garish gold wheels and a boot lid spoiler. Trouble was the paint work was thinly disguising a body in desperate need of major restoration. Fortunately - although not solely a Capri man - Henry had the necessary skills to bring the car back to life. Evergreen wasn't his first choice as initially he finished DHR in white. However, he had a change of heart and decided to restore the car to its off-the-production-line evergreen. There are a few non-standard "modern" changes but these are hidden from the casual observes eye. It's great to see someone put so much effort into bring a car back to how it began life.

Evergreen 3000GXL

Note the centre panel between light clusters - unique to the GXL model

The door cards are perfect remanufactured items from Aldridge Trim.

Beautifully clean under the bonnet with a few modern ``extras``.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself