Fiona (“Fee”) has had the car since March 1999.

CLM986H was being sold in the Thames Valley Auto Trader.  The gentleman selling it gave the present owner it’s history.  It had belonged to his father-in-law who sadly died the year before.  He had owned it from new and always garaged it.  The car came with the original bill of sale, invoice and mot’s etc.

It was bought from Norman Reeves, a Ford dealership in Southall, on 1st January 1970.  Back then a new Ford Capri 1300L cost £709.00.  The L pack cost an extra £12.10s with Sports Wheels £18.00, Radial Tyres £7.00, Metallic paint £5.00.  Road Tax for 4 months was £9.3s, Number Plates £4.10s, and Seat Belts an extra £6.10s.  With a few other costs the total – all those years ago - was £927. 7s. 2d.

“Dinky Minky” is his name, as the colour is Blue Mink, and it’s a little 1300cc.

In its entire history to date, it has covered a little over 40,000 miles (in 2020).

Capri: the car you always promised yourself