Basil Green V8 Perana, BG number 299.

Adrian purchased the car back in 2010, BG0299 then went through a four years programme of restoration by Titan Motor Services, based near Colchester in Essex. It was restored to its original Peri-Peri red, black colour and XL interior; however, a C4 automatic gearbox was fitted instead of the manual and later Capri 2.8i front brakes have been fitting to improve braking efficiency.

The Capri Perana V8 is the only V8 Ford Capri ever officially sanctioned by Ford, and was available from South African Ford dealers with a full Ford warranty. The Capri Peranas were built at the Ford plant in Port Elizabeth, but were delivered to Basil Green Motors minus their engines and gearboxes, where assembly was completed. Approximately 550 Capri Perana V8 cars were produced for homologation, so they could be raced in the South African touring car championship under the name Z181.

Capri: the car you always promised yourself